Dr.Dre Article

How Dr.Dre made $300 headphones a must-have accessory.

1. Sum up the varied reasons why the Beats headphones have been such a success in terms of sales?
2. What are Beats doing to maintain market dominance?

1) Dr.Dre used different tactic to increase sales. They had their headphones as props in music videos such as Lady Gaga’s poker face.This would of boosted the sales of the headphones quickly as there was a celebrity wearing it. Their product was also around LeBron James neck which attracts more buyers. They said that by Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and LeBron James lending there names to headphone models made by Beats they started seeing triple-digit sales. Therefore by having endorsement models it raised the sales this works because then the headphones would appeal to more of a different range just by using a celebrity. This would rise the sale prices and increase profit, by using a celebrity it gives a stamp of approval from someone who has achieved success

2)  Beats don’t just stick to selling headphones they widened their products to things such as audio systems for cars, computers, smartphones and they also released a Bluetooth speaker called beats pill for $200. This would also increase success because they are expanding their products in different ways and in different forms in which different audiences would like.


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