Dr.Dre Article

How Dr.Dre made $300 headphones a must-have accessory.

1. Sum up the varied reasons why the Beats headphones have been such a success in terms of sales?
2. What are Beats doing to maintain market dominance?

1) Dr.Dre used different tactic to increase sales. They had their headphones as props in music videos such as Lady Gaga’s poker face.This would of boosted the sales of the headphones quickly as there was a celebrity wearing it. Their product was also around LeBron James neck which attracts more buyers. They said that by Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and LeBron James lending there names to headphone models made by Beats they started seeing triple-digit sales. Therefore by having endorsement models it raised the sales this works because then the headphones would appeal to more of a different range just by using a celebrity. This would rise the sale prices and increase profit, by using a celebrity it gives a stamp of approval from someone who has achieved success

2)  Beats don’t just stick to selling headphones they widened their products to things such as audio systems for cars, computers, smartphones and they also released a Bluetooth speaker called beats pill for $200. This would also increase success because they are expanding their products in different ways and in different forms in which different audiences would like.


3 different ads and there target audience

Ad 1- advert for instant coffee

Coffee ad This advert is aimed for more of the mainstreamers as it looks very professional and expensive. However people who try be like the mainstreamers the aspires may also appeal to this as they try and live like the richer people in live even though they don’t have the money. Age group for this would be mostly people aged 30-50 as they like the more finer things in life as they can afford it. I wouldn’t think of a 20 year old buying an expensive coffee machine because at that age they mostly go out and buy it from well known coffee places such as Starbuck and Costa.

Ad 2- advert for a non alcoholic drink

non alcholic drink ad

This would appeal to a much younger audience as there is a celebrity figure featured in it. Peoples instincts are to buy it as Beyoncé is in the advert therefore they instantly think that as she is in it that the product would be good. This may target young girls because they may want to look like her or be like her. Coca cola use Beyoncé as they know she has a lot of fans and that if she in it, it would attract more buyers.

Ad 3- advert for a car

car ad

This advert is aimed at an older audience preferably 26+. As they are more financially stable they tend to have more of a decent salary coming through. I think mainstreamer and aspires would buy this, aspires love the thought of symbols and designer labels they love the more expensive things in life even if they cant properly afford it.

New terms I have learnt

  • Tight Framing- Is usually used for close shots the framing is in a certain way in that they seem to have no freedom.
  • Loose Framing- Usually in longer shot framed in a way in which the people have more movement and freedom.

    Tight and loose framing example
    The top image is a tight framed picture.
    The bottom image is a loose framed picture.

Rule of thirds

  • The rule of third divides the frame into thirds both horizontally and vertically.
  • For centuries artists, photographers and cinematographers follow this suit.
rule of third example
This is an example of the rule of thirds.

Mise en scene

  • It means both the staging on the action and the way its photography.
  • Things such as set design, costume, props, compositions and lighting.

Deep space- when elements are positioned near to and far from the camera.

My Photos.


This is a Mid-shot framed picture taken from a 45 degree angle. I could of made this picture better by having the height of how the picture was taken a bit lower.


This is a long shot picture taken from a 90 degree angle. I could of made this picture better by having more lighting.

close over the shoulder- shot

This is a over the shoulder shot. This picture could of been better if I had more of a zoomed out picture so I can see more of his shoulder and neck.